Photo Challenge: December

While an increasing number of newbie entrepreneurs are staying home and taking their business to the online marketplace, most are finding that it’s not easy to manage their schedules without any accountability.

I’ve been struggling with learning how to organize my time, prioritize the to-do list and, much more importantly, actually spend business hours on WORK rather than on cuddling with the cat or watching TV. With that said, today is my first official day of sitting in my home office for a full straight eight hours (plus breaks) doing anything business-related.

I am challenging myself to blog at least once a week, and I’m also doing a daily photo challenge for a little creative fun.

Day one: self-portrait.

While I’m pretty nonchalant about showing the world my ugly side, I still feel hesitant putting this picture into the Ethernet. Yet, here I am. I posed this photo a little bit to show the end-of-the-day, couch potato side of me.

Couch potato with remote control

Day two: what I wore.


Day three: clouds.

These clouds broke a little bit just after a 10-minute snowfall.



Meet Oliver

So much to do. One item on my business agenda is to open an eBay store in my kitty’s name. Oliver’s Kitty Kabin will start by selling pet doors and a handcrafted item which is still in the works.

Meanwhile, I’d like you to meet the cat behind the Kabin. This is a video I made when I first met him (I’ll have to tell you that story later).


Jane Street Market is Live!

I’ve been finding some great treasures around the Sweet Home area and saving them up to feature on my new Etsy shop, Jane Street Market. While I only have a fraction of my inventory listed right now, I wanted to get the shop open in time for the holiday selling season. In just one day, I already had an audience “favoriting” my items, which is a thrill. One of my most favorite items listed right now is the set of Culver lowball Mardi Gras glasses I found. They feature golden jesters with glass jewels attached.


Meanwhile, I’m learning new things all the time about online selling. As soon as I get a better grasp and a better routine going, I will be sharing what I learn with you. Right now, I need to get back to an article I’m writing for Auctiva about wedding season. Did you know a majority of couples get engaged in December? That means January is the month brides-to-be start their planning. I found this interesting infograph (below) thanks to American Express.




I am a freelance writer on topics geared toward selling online. I’m also a Top-rated Seller on eBay.

This blog is a home-base for all my business activity. In addition to my eBay store, I host a stall on Eco Market for bamboo products, plus I will be opening a vintage shop on Etsy, “Jane Street Market.”

I look forward to sharing news, thoughts, personal sales and other informative pieces with you.

Meanwhile, why don’t you share a little about yourself?

Cheers! ~Sarah